“Da sempre crediamo che la ricerca e lo studio di nuovi linguaggi siano fondamentali  per sviluppare una poetica  personale; perfezionare, implementare la tecnica e la cura dei dettagli, vuol dire ricevere stimoli per la propria ricerca di  movimento.

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ZEST! Contemporary Dance Program si rivolge ai professionisti della danza contemporanea offrendo un training di alta qualità e proponendo classi con docenti e danzatori di indiscutibile valore internazionale.

ZEST! 2022
GN|MC Guy Nader Maria Campos
27-28-29 May 2022
Teatro delle Muse | Sala Talia | Ancona

GUY NADER_Falling and Rolling

The falling and rolling workshop is based on physical and powerful floor work by which many movement patterns involving breathing, speed and release of energy through the body are put to use. By entering and leaving the ground, we will be activating our relationship between our point of center and our limbs, and how this combination works in relation to the floor. We will focus on our bone structure and study the use of spirals in order to understand and improve our efficiency and to heighten our perception and physical awareness. We will study various ways to fall and roll in multiple directions, to drop and lift in a smooth and yet efficient way, by activating spirals from a low and strong physical center. By exploring various movement possibilities, we will create sequences which exist on many physical levels and planes. We will also investigate the anatomy of the locomotor system, in order to re-allocate our energy and conserve it in order to work more efficiently. We will search the body for weight, flexibility and strength through the exploration of multiple energy levels to understand the breadth of our limitations.

MARIA CAMPOS_Available Body

The class is based on the floor work and release technique through exercises that mobilize different body parts, giving special attention to articulations and toning up muscles as a way to prepare the body and the concentration. We will focus on awakening the corporal awareness as well as relating the body within the space. We will introduce the principles of weight and gravity as well as working with a low centre rooted and grounded to empower the pelvic area and to be able to move lightly out of the floor and to jump later on. Will be propose patterns and sequences of movement on horizontal and vertical planes, entering and leaving the floor. We will explore different ways of entering the floor and moving on it in a dynamic but smooth way, with the muscular tone needed. Efficiency and organic approach to movement that will bring us to challenging places. An important part of the work will be based on simple physical principles that allow us to analyze movement and search for mechanics. The importance of floor work for the understanding of concepts of gravity and weight, momentuum, suspension, dropping the weight, to use the amount of strength in movement to create other movements, to enrich quality movement by searching into spirals…We will seek in our dance for the strength and energy needed to execute movement in order to develop a dynamic and energetic way of moving coexisting with the directions that the space around provides us. Understanding movement as a driving force.


This workshop is based on partnering and contact work and on the vocabulary of the work used in GN|MC creation’s processes and researches. We propose tasks and points of departure to start opening up a world of imagination where body is treated from very different points of view. We search for mechanics, observe movement in order to multiply paths and approaches to the understanding of movement and body. We are interested in looking into the possibilities that the body offers and how we make it to arise those possibilities. We will study different ways to carry the partner (portés), give weight, find common axis, counterweight, balance, move together in space using each other… We will work on developing the ability of trusting the other as well as taking risks. We will create and compose sequences based on partner work through concrete physical tasks.

about GN|MC

GN|MC Guy Nader | Maria Campos is an independent ensemble based in Barcelona, Spain. The Lebanese and Spanish artists collaborate together since 2006, their works have been shown in various festivals and venues around the world. GN|MC have been invited as guest choreographers to create for different companies such as EnKnapGroup in Slovenia, Eva Duda Dance Company/Movein Mission in Hungary, Tanzmainz company in Germany and XieXin Dance Theatre in Shanghai, China. GN|MC has been awarded the German theatre prize DER FAUST 2017 for their work FALL SEVEN TIMES created with Tanzmainz, Staatstheater Mainz in Germany and GN|MC received Prize City of Barcelona 2019.

Guy Nader graduated from Institut National des Beaux Arts at the Lebanese University in Beirut (BA in Drama). He received the danceWEB Europe scholarship in 2012 and he was awarded the first prize in Masdanza International Festival in 2010 for his solo Where The Things Hide. 

Maria Campos studied at SEAD in Austria and in The Netherlands where she graduated from the Amsterdam School of the Arts (MTD) in 2003. She has worked with Meekers, Protein Dance, Sol Picó, Angels Margarit/Cia. Mudances, among others.

GN|MC Guy Nader | Maria Campos are resident artists in Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona.


GN|MC Guy Nader | Maria Campos have been developing their own artistic language through movement and constantly redefine themselves while searching for a common ground in their individual approach to dance. Both look for a high demanding physicality aiming to push the body into its limits. Seeking for strength and delicacy in movement, they allow a whole spectrum of imaginary to rise, discovering and providing an endless body landscape. Together they have drawn a common interest in the partnering work where they experiment new ways of approaching the relation between two or more bodies, developing strategies and tasks in order to provide the body a distinct image and perception.

L’early bird è valido SOLO per le prenotazioni dell’ INTERO WORKSHOP ( tre giorni )


  • Il Workshop è dedicato a danzatori di livello professionale o semi-professionale ( studenti o chiunque abbia familiarità con altre discipline fisiche: circensi, acrobati etc.) con una conoscenza minima del floor work.
  • Il Workshop è a numero chiuso: MAX 35 persone per ciascuna classe.
  • L’iscrizione verrà ritenuta valida solo dopo l’invio dell’ “Iscrizione a Zest!” e del “Modulo iscrizione e privacy” scaricabili di seguito, unitamente alla ricevuta di effettuato bonifico della caparra.

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