ALLOGGIANDO is a project of CREATION for the live show born with the aim of enhancing the “Teatro delle Logge” in Montecosaro as an unconventional location /architecture. The project is created by Giosy Sampaolo and HUNT CDC (Contemporary Dance Company) and it is realized thanks to the support of the Culture Department of the Municipality of Montecosaro; the call aims at identifying three creation projects whose goal is the redevelopment of the small size of the theater and make these structural features the strength of the  creation. Each project will obtain an artistic residence with share/performance.

To this end, the technical data sheet of the Theatre will be attached and any additional technical requests will be evaluated on the basis of the projects. Therefore it is essential that the artists take a look at the attached material ( technical sheet, photos, etc.) to understand all the possibilities the structure allows. It is care of the artistic direction to specify that preference will be given to projects that propose ideas whose priority is the architectural enhancement of the theater in every space in an alternative and unconventional way.

In order to cope with this delicate period and to encourage the artistic recovery of the Marche region, the committee reserves itself the right to select, among the three projects, a creation whose authors are from Marche and operate on the regional territory. The projects can also be in the works, but it is indispensable that they are UNPUBLISHED and that the artists pledge to state their creation as a co-production with HUNT CDC and with TEATRO DELLE LOGGE, in MONTECOSARO anytime they will present it.


  • President: Giorgio Rossi – Associazione Sosta Palmizi.
  • HUNT cdc. 
  • Laura Perini, set and light designer .


The selection is open to independent artists, groups, companies, professional collectives composed of up to three artists among dancers, actors, musicians, visual performers and technicians with a creative residency and share/performance project that meets the requirements of the call with the following modalities and ratings from 0 to 5 points for each goal. (the ranking and scores will be published on; the company will contact the artists in any case, negative or positive result):

  1. Originality of the proposal.
  2. Conformity to the demand for the enhancement of the scenic space.
  3. Completeness and precision of the project presentation and its technical aspects. (it is recommended to send as much material as possible to understand the proposal).
  4. Experimentation and research of the suggested artistic language .

There will be three periods of residence. You can apply for multiple periods. ( the residence will be assigned for only one of the chosen periods):

  • from 20.09.2021 to 24.09.2021 (performance on  25.09.2021).
  • from 27.09.2021 to 01.10.2021 (performance on  02.10.2021).
  • from 04.10.2021 to 08.10.2021 (performance on  09.10.2021).


  1. Board and lodging for the whole accommodation. (accomodation is really near to the theatre).
  2. Ex-enpals coverage free of charge for days of residence and share/performance.
  3. Total availability of theatre and its instrumentation (see technical sheet).
  4. Coverage of SIAE costs.
  5. Realization of photographic material and video with fixed camera of the share/performance.
  6. Travel bonus.
  7. Possibility to organize open classes for students (Hunt cdc is committed to the dissemination and promotion of the event) whose profit will turn in the selected artist’s or company’s favour.


Comune di Montecosaro


Department of Culture Municipality of Ancona: for one or more selected projects there will be a second date in Ancona for the 2022 season.


The selection of the artists/groups of “Alloggiando 2021” will take place at the incontestable discretion of the Evaluation Committee, composed by the Artistic Directors. For the evaluation purposes, the following elements have to be submitted:

  1. motivational letter, explaining the reasons for the participation to the call and the specific interest in collaborating on the project.
  2. project/artistic idea. if the project includes several participants, please indicate their name and role. (as required in attachment “A”).
  3. detailed description of the technical requirements for the realization of the staging.
  4. short presentation of the artist/the company and their CV.
  5. link to showreel and/or other video documentation (uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo) representative of your work. (In case of private video please attach password).

The following must also be received, together with the documentation required for the assessment, under penalty of exclusion:

  • copy of a valid identity document of the participants.
  • Attachment “A” of this announcement.

The documentation must be received only in low resolution. Please do not send unsolicited material.


The documentation must be received by 12:00 p.m. on May 31, 2021 at the email address specifying in the object “Call Alloggiando 2021”. Only complete applications of the required documentation will be evaluated.